Our passion is giving you the best products of the mediterraean diet, vegan an natural products. Here you can check some examples:

Extra Virgin olive Oil

Awarded extra Virgin Olive Oil from Algarinejo (Granada). Denomination of Origin. More than 500 farmers and families. Heritage and tradition taking care of the production of olive oil.Perfect blend of picudo and hojiblanca. Rigurous quality control. Storage in a stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere, temperature controlled until bottled.

  • Origin: Spain
  • Size: from 100 ml. to 5 liters.
  • Range:premium, gourmet and PET.
  • Packaging: dark bottle or Bag in Box

Potato Crisps

GLUTEN FREE & NO ALERGENS potato crisps fried with our extra virgin olive oil and a touch of Mediterranean salt. All made with natural products than can fit with a vegan or natural diet.

  • Origin: Spain
  • Size: 30 grs.
  • Range:      Extra Virgin olive oil & Mediterranean Salt.

Iberian Ham Flavor

Pepper & Lemon flavor.

  • Packaging: bag

Pearls of olive Oil

This technique was pioneered by the famous chef, Ferran Adriá at El Bulli in 2003. This is a convenient way for you to get molecular gastronomy without needing a degree in chemistry. These translucent golden pearls are made from different varieties of extra virgin olive oil. They produce and aromatic, fruity, mildly bitter yet sweetbuttery taste.

  • Origin: Spain
  • Size: 19 grs./50 grs./180 grs.
  • Range: olive oil, olive oil flavor chocolate, olive oil flavor chili.
  • Packaging: monodose or jar

Olives & Pickles

Barrels of olives varieties hojiblanca and queen. High content in omega-3 and omega-6. Perfect snack with with vitamin E. Perfect for your tapas or dressing your favorite plates.

Origin: Spain

Size:1.2 kilos

Range: moorish style, cornichons, queen olives and spicy queen olives.

Packaging: barrel of 1,2 kg. gross weight.


Practical monodoses of Extra Virgin olive Oil or Salad Dressing (vinegar + extra virgin olive oil). Perfect for catering or restaurants. Healthy dressing for all kind of plates.

  • Origin: Spain
  • Size: 10 ml/14 ml/20 ml.
  • Range: salad dressing and extra virgin olive oil
  • Packaging: plastic monodose

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